I’m from outside the US and my payment isn’t processing. What do I need to do?




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    I am from india , how wud dropshipping be valid for me,considering the shipping time as cost, if I have to get products dropshipped from Usa or other countries. Some suppliers I can find in india. But india is now just developing and people donot trust the dropship model now. Do you have any suggestion for me, if I register for dropship labs

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    Thanks for reaching out! Check out this link where you can see what you need to drop ship outside the US - https://dropshiplifestyle.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003665027-How-do-I-start-my-own-drop-ship-business-from-outside-the-US-

    Basically, you can set up a drop shipping store in the US, use suppliers in the US and target customers in the US all from outside the US =)


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