Is it possible to make a sale within the first 30 days?

Yes, it's absolutely possible as we've seen some Drop Ship Lifestyle students sign up and make their first sale within two weeks because they were working crazy hours to get everything set up. On the other hand some of our other students who work at a slower pace can take months to make it happen.

If you're coming into this with no prior experience, my guess would be that you should be ready to invest about 50 - 60 hours to following along with our 7 Core Modules.  

This should be enough time to brainstorm niches, do your market research, build your demo store, get approved with some suppliers, have them uploaded to your site, and start getting some traffic.

From there you're in a great position to get your first sales.

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    Zeah Katz

    I have a question!

    I just signed up for the course and have been offered coaching calls in what I believe it said 30 days. I will be leaving my home state for 30 days in 2 weeks and will have very limited access to internet for that time frame. I would love to resume when I come back - will I still have coaching calls available when I come back in March? Thank you

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