What is your Shopify Drop Shipping app?

Drop Ship Lifestyle has created a Shopify app designed to have one place for course members to go and accomplish multiple tasks.  

Here are a few things that the Shopify Drop Shipping app does; 

Urgency Bar:  Auto Expiring Coupon Codes with Auto-Refreshing Expiration Dates

Supplier Tool:  Easily Keep Track of, and Contact All Suppliers in Your Niche

Order Forwarding:  "Push" Orders to Your Suppliers Without Having to Manually Draft Emails

Profit Calculator:  Assign Wholesale Costs for Each SKU# and Easily Track Profit Per Sale

To-Do List:  Simple Way to Keep Track of Pending Tasks (or an easy way to assign them to your VA)

We are constantly looking for ways to improve this app and are currently working with a group of beta testers to add great new features. 

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