What do I need if I want to sell in the United States?

All though Drop Ship Lifestyle works in almost every country, many of our international students decide to sale to the US market.  

Once you are ready to start your business we recommend you look into creating a sole proprietorship or LLC.  The price for this varies based on what state you register in.

Additionally we recomend you sign up for a US bank account and register for a tax ID, both of these are typically free.

While this is a generally a very simple process, we understand that it can be a little confusing for foreign students.  Luckily, Stripe, the company behind Shopify's payment processor has recently started a program to make this process extremely simple. 


This program will incorporate a business in Delaware (no sales tax), register a us tax ID, create you a US bank account, as well as provide general guidance about US law and taxes.   This service is currently in closed beta but is open for new user applications. 

You can have these services done individually for less than the cost Stripe is charging, but their service will help make the process effortless. 


* Drop Ship Lifestyle has no affiliation with Stripes service.  We have simply used their payment processor for years and have been generally happy with the results. 



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